Article by Andrea Lo Coco, Italian EVS volunteer in Lorca. Andrea’s project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

1) Let’s Dance!
«Try to be crazy with your friends and dance until you became sleepy! or Midnight (or your neighbrought could kill you).»
ex. Typical dance of your and your friend’s countries. Or if you wanna try something of different and new, you can search others country’s typical dance.
2) Sing
«Like in Italy but with calm (without dj in the balcony) take your friends and make your own concert.»
ex. Put in and your friends in the living room, typical music or other kind of music depend on you. Let’s create the right mood!.
3) Play an Instrument
«Take some instrument create a campfire (without fire possibly) and try to play as you were in a beach.»
ex. Guitar,Ukulele,Kitchen stuff? Anything is playable!
4) Play with Boardgames
«Play with boardgames, if you don’t have them, download some app from internet (ATTENTION: If you want to Ruin friendship, you have to play with UNO).»
ex. Do you have some new boardgames, just try it, you have ALL the time, or create a new one.
5) Talk about some important topic
«Improve your knowledges about some important topic and share ideas! you could learn something useful.»
ex. Politics of all the countries, your country, the country where you are doing your EVS and the politics of the country of your adventure mates.
6) Do Questions to your friends
«Use this opportunities for learn something new about the people the are living with you, new experience (you could find something in common).»
ex. Ask something about anything, the imagination is the only limit!
7) Study
«Do you like some kind of topic? (music history, beatmaking,Photo editing, handcrafting) its your opportunity to learn something useful about that.»
ex. Did you ever dream to play a guitar like a metal man under drugs, Its your opportunities (drug yourselves with music, is better).
8) Prepare your near future plans
«Finally now you have all the time for prepare yourself. Prepare your activity (also for work) after the quarantine, so you won’t be unprepared for anything.»
9) Clean your house
«Ok, seems not funny, but try to put some music, dance with your friends and in (probably a lot of hours) your house will be clean.»
ex. Clean your house, which kind of example do you want? Peace 🙂
10) Meditate
«Think deeply about this situation, pro and cons, things how could be your part in this, which kind of things you should do, and DO THEM.”
ex. Find on Internet videos about meditations, are useful. Find Your Way!