• Financia: ERASMUS+ KA2: Stgrategic Partnership in the field of Adults Education
  • Fechas del proyecto: 01/09/2016 – 28/02/2019
  • Duración:28 months
  • Lugar de celebración: Lorca (Spain), Rome (Italy), Marsella (France)

This project is developed in a context where, on the one hand, it increases the need to migrate because of wars, disasters and poverty and on the other hand, increases the hostility of the locals towards foreigners, especially if their religion is Islam (Islamophobia). Refugees and migrants seeking to adapt as soon as possible to the host country through language courses for foreigners, taught by educators, teachers and volunteers. We believe that these classes are the perfect place to introduce non-formal methodologies and key learning competences through lifelong learning, context and understand that European society has to make an effort, through projects like this, to send a message of peace and peaceful coexistence.

The strategic outcomes are: development of skills of educators, trainers and students and cooperation of local and national networks, giving a more tailored response to the needs of learning of immigrants and refugees.

Tangible results will be: a publication about learning needs of educators and students, an educational program developed with the aim of introducing in the classroom approaches and methodologies of non-formal education to facilitate the adaptation of immigrant or refugee status in the host country and one MOOC online to help to reach a greater number of educators and teachers multipliers.



Develop an educational strategy to support the acquisition of key competences in recent migrants and refugees to facilitate their adaptation to the host society.


  1. Integrate the tools of non-formal education with an empirical approach in the Educational Curriculum of Adult Education Centres with migrant and / or recent refugees learners.
  2. Understand the educational needs of migrants and recent refugees to give them a response from the existing adult educational institutions.
  3. Develop a Massive Open Online Course for adult educators can improve the necessary skills to enable them to facilitate adaptation of migrants and recent refugees to the host society.
Socios del proyecto

Asociación Cazalla Intercultural, España

Centro de educación de adultos “Alta Guadalentín” (Spain)

Replay Network (Italy)

Isola Verde (Italy)

CRI PACA (France)

Horse Pistes (France)

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