1-5 Plaza/s de SVE en Macerata, Italia

  • Nombre del proyecto: Youthquake
  • País: Italia
  • Ciudad: Macerata
  • Entidad: Comune di Camporotondo di Fiastrone / Gruca
  • Fecha de inicio: 1 Julio 2018
  • Fecha de finalización: 16 Julio 2018
  • Duración: 14 días
  • Temas: post-earthquake reconstruction
  • Plazas vacantes: 1-5
  • Fecha límite para solicitarlo: Urgente.
  • Mail de contacto: beatrice@cazalla-intercultural.org
  • Cómo solicitarlo: Envíanos un e-mail con tu curriculum y una carta de motivación (ambos en inglés).

In the summer 2016 a large area of central Italy was hit by a series of earthquakes. This led to a loss of lives, homes, economic resources, social infrastructure and damaged the rich historical and artistic heritage of the region.

The name of the project, Youthquake, puts together Youth and earthquake, the two main elements involved: through the energies and competencies of young European volunteers it aims at contributing to the social, economic, physical reconstruction of the areas of central Italy affected by the earthquake.

The project involves associations, public and private entities of the regions Lazio, Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo. In total 140 volunteers will be hosted in Italy – 60 long term and 80 short term – and 12 Italian volunteers will be sent to EU countries over a 3 years period.

The activities will be various and diverse: from the protection and valorisation of material and immaterial heritage, to support cultural, recreational, psycho-social activities for the most fragile categories (children, the elderly, migrants, etc.), the recovery of identity symbols of memory, the promotion of tourism and natural areas, the support to the management of participative processes for the creation of new places of aggregation.


Resumen de tareas

Activities will be related to post-earthquake reconstruction and valorisation of the territory and public space, such as: cleaning of Municipality’s green areas, pathways restoration, maintenance of Municipality’s sport infrastructures.

Perfil del voluntario/a y criterios de selección

Knowledge of the Italian language will be preferred as well as manual, crafting, technical and environmental skills, experience and interest.



Volunteers will live in Camporotondo di Fiastrone, close to the historical city of Macerata, in the Marche region. The hosting organization will provide the coordination on the ground with administrative and operative functions. It will be responsible for:

– Providing a local internal tutor who will follow the volunteer during the service and a mentor external to the organization

– Providing the on-arrival training and the final evaluation to the volunteer

– Taking care of logistics

– Providing to the volunteer the pocket money: 120 € given by the 4th day of each month.

– Providing the food allowance: 170 € given by the 4th day of each month.

– Providing the transport allowance (if necessary): maximum 25 € per month; the travel document shall be reimbursed at the end of the month.

– Taking care of the documentation, signed both by the volunteer and by the referent of the hosting organization, that demonstrates the payment of the allowances for food and transportation and the pocket money;

– Managing the daily program of the volunteer taking into consideration his/her needs and competencies;

– Collecting the boarding passes of the flight to Italy and all the tickets, receipts and documents necessary for the accountability of the project.

– Monitoring the situation of the volunteer through regular meetings between volunteers, tutor, mentor and the referent of the project;

– Being in contact with the ARCS’ coordinator and the sending organization to inform about the general implementation of the project;

– Completing the Youthpass with the volunteer

– Informing ARCS on the outputs regarding the final evaluation


Fotos y links: http://grucaonlus.blogspot.it/