1 plaza de voluntariado en Palermo (Italia)

  • Nombre del proyecto: IMAGE – towards Inclusive and More Active Generations
  • País: Italia
  • Ciudad: Palermo
  • Entidad: Inventare Insieme
  • Fecha de inicio: 07/10/2017
  • Fecha de finalización: 01/10/2018
  • Duración: 12 meses
  • Temas: Plazas vacantes: 1 plaza
  • Fecha límite para solicitarlo:
  • Mail de contacto: tea(@)cazalla-intercultural.org
  • Cómo solicitarlo: envíanos un e-mail con tu curriculum y una carta de motivación (ambos en inglés)

Inventare Insieme (onlus) is an association from the cultural and social sector dedicated to the conception, production and management of innovative communication strategies that connect audio-visual creation, artistic practices, digital technologies and new media through open and collaborative processes.

Since 1990, Inventare Insieme (onlus) has been active in promoting opportunities for involvement and interaction of young people with fewer opportunities (early school leavers, unemployed, young migrants) in the cultural, social and educational area.

Iinventare Insieme (onlus) manage a youth centre, Centro Tau a multipurpose, welcoming, beautiful and coloured place, where activities of youth work and youth aggregation, professional training, social and educational studies are made. A space of “moving suburbs”, totally renovated in 2010, evolving continuously, giving to many children, teens and young people a chance to learn, live new experiences and grow up.

For more information on Inventare Insieme, you may visit our website:




Resumen de tareas

Resumen de tareas:

EVS volunteers will support the staff in following tasks:

  • implementation of artistic-cultural workshops for kids and teenagers;
  • organising creative writing workshops, cineforum, non-formal language lessons;
  • video interview to local community for cultural mapping of the district
  • organising intercultural nights
  • organising recreational and sport activities for the youngster of Centro Tau
  • accompanying youngsters in guided visits to local artistic heritage
  • writing on the volunteers’ blog of the coordinating partner (InformaGiovani)


EVS volunteers will also develop personal project related to their EVS experience and based on their interest and skills.



Perfil del voluntario/a y criterios de selección:

Ideal candidate should meet the following requirements:

  • strong motivation for youth work and volunteering
  • ability to team working
  • creativity, proactivity and flexibility
  • artistic (music, painting, drawing, photography) and digital skills are      welcome


  • Travel costs (outward and return) are covered up to 275,00 Euro.
  • Volunteers will receive monthly pocket money of 115,00 Euro
  • Food will be provided through monthly cash allowance (120,00 Euro).
  • Volunteers will be enrolled in Cigna insurance scheme, and will be provided with online language course (OLS).
  • Local transport tickets to reach working place will be provided, if needed

Accommodation arrangement

  • Accommodation in shared flat with other volunteers.
  • Double room for volunteers plus common living room, kitchen and common bathroom.
  • House is equipped with all needed.
  • Wi-fi available.

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