1 Plaza de voluntariado en Prilep (Macedonia)

  • Número del proyecto:
  • Nombre del proyecto: I2C
  • País: Macedonia
  • Ciudad: Prilep
  • Entidad: Info Front – Prilep
  • Fecha de inicio: 01/11/2017
  • Fecha de finalización: 04/05/2018
  • Duración: 6 meses
  • Temas: – Arte, educación, trabajo con jóvenes y niños.
  • Plazas vacantes: 1 plaza
  • Fecha límite para solicitarlo: 30/07/2017
  • Mail de contacto: tea(@)cazalla-intercultural.org
  • Cómo solicitarlo: envíanos un e-mail con tu curriculum y una carta de motivación (ambos en inglés)
Resumen de tareas

The main objectives of the I2C project are:
– to maintain European dimension to the Info front’s regular activities;
– to raise European awareness and promote cultural diversity;
– to encourage local youth participation;
– to empower local youngsters to think and to promote themselves entrepreneurially and to enroll them in the creative process from an idea to business;
-to empower local youth to develop new skills in order to become more competent on the labour market, thus to lower the unemployment;
-to promote creative activism and active citizenship;
-to explore the new online media for information distribution and sharing and self-promotion;

-to inform about Erasmus+;
-to develop new skills and competencies and to gain new experiences and knowledge

Resumen de tareas:

The role of the 3 volunteers would be helping the organisation and the staff in the regular everyday activities, like:
– office work: e-mails, updating the website / blog / social networks;
– facilitating language courses;
– working on the MYG magazine;
– developing new projects;
– facilitating “European awareness/cultural diversity/skills market” workshops with local youngsters;
– promoting Erasmus+ and EVS in schools and universities;
– Loesje creative writing workshops
– meetings with potential volunteers
– facilitation in the Info front’s Career Centre etc.

During the project, the methods of non- formal education, open space workshops, discussions, World café and Loesje methods will be applied and the volunteers will have a possibility to learn and to use them.

The volunteers will be encouraged to spread the word about Loesje and the Loesje- created methods in their own community and organisations, to contact their national branch and to take active part in writing new posters in their own languages and to organise creative writing workshops.


Perfil del voluntario/a y criterios de selección:

The project activities will last for 6 months and will include 3 volunteers coming from Italy, Spain and Poland, aged 17 – 30, highly motivated, positive and open-minded.


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