1 Plaza de voluntariado en Bolzano, Italia

  • Nombre del proyecto: ASSB, a nursing Home in the bilignual Province of Bolzano.
  • País: Italia
  • Ciudad: Bolzano
  • Entidad: ASSB Azienda Servizi di Bolzano
  • Fecha de inicio: September 2017
  • Fecha de finalización: September 2018
  • Duración: 12 meses
  • Temas: Nursing home
  • Plazas vacantes:  1
  • Fecha límite para solicitarlo:  10 de enero
  • Mail de contacto: tea@cazalla-intercultural.org
  • Cómo solicitarlo: Enviar el CV y la solicitud rellenada (pincha el enlace http://www.incoweb.org/News/VOLUNTEERS-WANTED-in-Northern-Italy y descarga la solicitud de tu proyecto), las dos en inglés,  a la persona de contacto (Tea), especificando el título del proyecto.

The “Azienda Servizi Sociali di Bolzano” (ASSB) is a public institution, which coordinates and manages the social services offered in Bolzano’s territory. Volunteers may be involved in one of the following structures for elderlies: > Villa Armonia > Villa Europa and “Casa di riposo Don Bosco” ; > Villa Serena ; > Clinica Santa Maria > Premstallerhof >day center for elderlies in Villa Europa.


Resumen de tareas

Volunteers will collaborate with the staff of nursing homes mainly with recreational and entertainment activities planned for the elderly. In particular volunteers will be involved in the following activities:

  • organizing recreational activities for the elderly/handicapped people,
  • talking to them,
  • reading something,
  • participating in some excursions of one or more days,
  • making different kind of purchases (e.g. food, medicine for the guests),
  • support of the educators in the activities of assistance,
  • care and rehabilitation,
  • accompanying the elderly with walking difficulties,
  • participating in the evaluation meetings
  • and planning certain matters with the educators and social workers etc.

Please bear in mind that you will work with elderly people and that they may not be as autonomous as you could imagine. Indeed, some of them have Alzheimer or other illnesses. Moreover , volunteers will have the opportunity to be involved in parallel activities together with other volunteers hosted in other receiving organizations coordinated by InCo. The topic of the parallel activities will change according to the project. (Making games, organising events, exhibitions, etc.)


You will get free accommodation for the whole duration of your voluntary service. You will live in a single room with shared athroom, laundry facilities and a fully equipped kitchen with cooking facilities. You will share the apartment with other volunteers, never with the elderly. Indeed, if the room is inside the nursing home “Villa Serena” (close to the city center and the Talvera river), it is at the last floor totally separated from the floors where elderlies are hosted and doing activities. During working days, you will eat your lunch in the canteen of the elderly home/handicapped centre where you work together with the staff. The other meals and during the weekends (or free days if you decide to stay in Bolzano), you have the possibility to eat in the canteen of the nursing home where you live. In any case you will receive a food allowance to cover the expenses linked to meal for dinner,, holidays and weekend.


Here you can find the website of Azienda Servizi di Bolzano: http://www.aziendasociale.bz.it Here you can find the website of InCo, the coordinating organisation: http://www.incoweb.org/eng If you would like to know more about the EVS experience, check out the blog of the volunteers: http://www.incoweb.org/eng/Volunteers-say