1 Plaza de voluntariado en Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Nombre del proyecto: “Z.N.A.M.E”
País: Bulgaria.
Ciudad: Kazanlak.
Entidad: NGO National Movement workshop Sedyanka
Fecha de inicio:03.03-30.07.2017
Duración: 5 meses.
Temas: tolerancia, interculturalidad, arte.
Plazas vacantes: 1.
Fecha límite para solicitarlo: Urgente.
Mail de contacto: sedianka2014@gmail.com
Cómo solicitarlo: Envía un e-mail con tu curriculum y una carta de motivación (ambos en inglés).

Resumen de tareas

NGO National Movement workshop Sedyanka is organization which main aim is to inspire people to save the traditions of Bulgaria. There is a facebook group where you can see more about the organization: https://www.facebook.com/groups/154793951245128/?fref=ts

Project summary:

The project will give opportunity to the volunteers to be involved in the daily activities of the hosting organization and its partners, activities which are directed towards the following: building a transcultural bridge (exchange of cultural values) between different nationalities and between generations; increasing the tolerance and empathy towards the people who are “different”; improving the image of the local cultural institutions and organizations. The working institutions are daily care center for disable youth and children, elderly houses number 1 and 3.

The main goal of the project is to increase the tolerance of the local communities regarding the cultural differences, and to make them keep, preserve and develop their traditions, through art activities and art therapeutic sessions. The volunteers will also gain knowledge about various art techniques such like work with natural materials like wool, techniques for making lace and embroidery, and also other creative ideas for making dolls, toys, decorations, bookmarks, etc. The volunteers will present their cultural riches, for example techniques for handiwork, and will also raise their own awareness that young people should respect the elder and young people need to learn from the latter. The main slogans of the project are the following: “Unity in diversity” and “Union makes the power!”, slogans related to the European citizenship of the young Europeans, including the Bulgarians from the local communities.

The youth initiatives of the EU will be used as a means for increasing the sense of entrepreneurship and the motivation of the citizens, and increasing the adaptivity of young people and their motivation for work. The methods used will be the following: discussions, presentations, active pedagogical work. There will be workshops on art therapy, musical therapy, folk dances workshop, role plays, self-presentation, simulation games as well as activities related to the principle “Together in art”. Various meetings with specialists will be organized according to the needs and interests of the volunteers. The meetings will also help the volunteers to write articles for the newsletter.

The essence and contents of the project are based upon the principle of intercultural learning, intergenerational learning, and lifelong learning. The project aims at disseminating the EVS philosophy in the local community and encouraging the youth to take part in the EU programmes, through creativity and dissemination of cultural diversity.



Organisation will provide a fully equipped private house. Participant will share it with other participants in the activity. Participant will prepare his/her meals on his/her own or together with roommates. Participant is responsible for cleaning his/her clothes and flat. Participant is responsible for keeping the living area clean and to take care of the equipment. Participant should keep silence between 23:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m

Pocket money and money for food:

Pocket money in amount of 70 euro per month. The instalment will be paid within the first 7 days of the month.

Money for food in amount of 100 euro per month. The budget of money for food will be given in the middle of the month. Volunteers will have to cook together and buy products for food together, thereby being able to prepare more food for themselves.

Travel expenses:

According to the conditions of the Erasmus + programme, participants in EVS project can have their travel expenses reimbursed within the amount given below. The reimbursement covers your departure from your home town (residence) to the place of activities (Kazanlak). You must depart from the country you represent: for example, if you are a representative of Germany, you must depart from Germany.

The reimbursement covers only traveling by plane, train and bus. Money paid for taxi cannot be reimbursed! Please keep all receipts and invoices with you.

Other practical advices:

Insurance: We advice every participant to get a European Health Insurance Card, and to ask the sending organization for more info about the insurance company that Erasmus + programme covered.

Weather: The weather in the beginning of april could be warm. In the past years the temperatures reached 15-20 degrees.

Currency: The currency in Bulgaria is lev (BGN). Its rate to Euro is fixed on 1 Euro = 1.955 BGN.

Language: Bulgarian is a Slavic language. Young people often speak English, but people like drivers, ticket sellers, shop assistants usually do not speak English, so it is good if you learn some useful phrases in Bulgarian (see below).

The alphabet used in Bulgaria is Cyrillic, so it is recommended also to get some knowledge about it.

Useful phrases in Bulgarian:

Да (da) – yes

Не (ne)- no

Добър ден (dobyr den) – Hello (official)

Добро утро (dobro utro)- Good morning

Лека нощ (leka nosht)- Good night

Здравей/здравейте (zdravey/zdraveyte) – Hello (to 1 person/to more persons)

Довиждане (dovijdane)- Goodbye

Чао (chao)- Bye (informal)

Аз съм от (Az sym ot)- I am from:

-Испания (Ispaniya) Spain-Полша (Polsha) Poland

-Словения (Sloveniya) Slovenia

-Португалия (Portugaliya) Portugal

-Унгария (Ungariya) Hungary

Извинете (izvinete)- excuse me

Благодаря (blagodarya)- thank you

Моля (molya)- please, you are welcome

Не разбирам (ne razbiram)- I don’t understand

Говоря английски- I speak English

Извинете, къде е автогарата/гарата/тоалетната? (izvinete, kyde e avtogarata/garata/toaletnata)- excuse me, where is the bus station/rail station/toilet?

Влак (vlak)- train

Гара (gara)- railway station

Автобус (avtobus)- bus

Автогара (avtogara)- bus station

Един билет/два билета/три билета/четири билета/пет билета до Казанлък (edin bilet/dva bileta/tri bileta/chetiri bileta/pet bileta do Kazanlak)- One/two/three/four/five tickets to Kazanlak

Колко струва това? (Kolko struva tova)- How much is this?

Търся… (tyrsya)- I am looking for…

Additional phrases: http://wikitravel.org/en/Bulgarian_phrasebook