• Título: STAR – Stand Together Against Racism
  • Financia: Erasmus+
  • Fechas del proyecto: 1/12/2017 – 30/11/2020
  • Duración: 3 years
  • Lugar de celebración: various

The STAR project, Stand Together Against Racism, is a 3 year collaboration among 4 partners from Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Poland, with the aim to to counter invisible racism and other form of intolerance in the every day lives of young people, as well the ones online, through preventive measures, youth work and non formal education. We plan to do it through sharing and upscalling their best practices (Lorca Libre from Cazalla on invisible racism and No hate Speech On line from Szansa).

Project is divided into 3 work packaged, where in the first one partners will share, evaluate and adapt the practices, in the second they will be tested by implementation of ToTs, workshop at schools, community meetings and summer camps. Finally in order to ensure the dissemination and sustainability of the project we will develop the manual with the best practices of the project, create a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course), and offer a mixture of local, national and international events – trainings and conferences to disseminate to the key actors in the field. Finally we plan to achieve the systematic change by bringing on board policy makers, having as associated partners 24 key stakeholders from local and regional authorities, schools and grass root organizations, who will be actively involved in all phases of the project.


Los objetivos específicos del proyecto son los siguientes:

  1. Mejorar la experiencia de las organizaciones participantes, para que puedan trabajar con NINIs de manera más eficiente;
  2. Apoyar a los jóvenes desempleados y a los NINIs, y en particular los desempleados de larga duración, para construir las competencias que les darán más posibilidades en ser incluidos en el mercado laboral;
  3. Contribuir al desarrollo y la potenciación de las estructuras de voluntariado local en los países de los socios;
  4. Fomentar la ciudadanía activa a nivel local y global dentro de un grupo de jóvenes tradicionalmente pasivos y desempleados durante un plazo largo;
  5. Apoyar los esfuerzos de desarrollo en las comunidades más necesitadas en países fuera de Europa.
Socios del proyecto
  • REDU – Rete Educare ai Diritti Umani (Italy)
  • Webpage
  • New innovative approaches how to work with young people – like concept of invisible racism, micro activism, and the research on real needs of young people in nowadays Europe, all this published in the Manual of the project
  • Training modules and curricula, testimonials from the participants of the training activities of the project
  • Training materials developed – especially MOOC
  • Raising Awareness Campaigns developed during the testing phase
  • Videos and other products developed by young people during the testing phase
  • Policy recommendations 
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