ESC 16 weeks in Acireale, Italy


The last decade has seen the massive spread of the Internet and new media worldwide, which has led to an expansion and improvement of communication possibilities by overcoming barriers and constraints of time and space (increasing speed and decreasing costs) and a virtually endless possibility of access to information sources. The general objective of the project, therefore, is to encourage the acquisition of a new critical awareness by developing knowledge and skills regarding a healthy use of the Internet and new technologies in order to stem and prevent the risks associated with new addictions to the Internet, social networks and smartphones. In order to achieve this general objective, we have set specific objectives to be achieved through the project activities: – to start a cycle of meetings, involving young people between 14 and 25 years old; – launch and manage an online social campaign that spread the message of the project.


During the stay of the volunteers Elios will take care of renting an apartment furnished with all the necessary equipment. Depending on the number of volunteers (and their gender balance) an apartment with single or double rooms (in any case very large and bright), bathroom with shower or bathtub, equipped kitchen (with pots, pans, dishes, etc.), washing machine, refrigerator, etc. will be arranged. For food support we will provide a rechargeable card for volunteers with a sum of money that they can spend to buy food and drinks they like most according with the sicilian standards of living


Volunteers will be registered onto the OLS system to help them improve their English language skills. They will also receive relevant training about the volunteering activities among the organisation during the first part of the mobility. Participants will also have the possibility to attend an Italian Language Course in order to develop the knowledges of a local language. Volunteers will attend On Arrival Training and Mid-Term Evaluation according with the rules of the Italian National Agency.


We are searching for volunteers which have a strong motivation to take part in this project, not searching for specific competences. We want to include people who have a strong spirit of initiative and who want to bet on four months of activities focusing on dialogue and raising awareness among local young people. Experiences in social media management, graphic design and web promotion are welcome. Good English command is needed.