February Report from Poland - Seb's experience in CAT Foundation

Article by Sebastián Ballester, Spanish ESC volunteer in Lezno (Poland). Project funded by the European Solidarity Corps of the EU.

This has been a month of contrast. First the first two weeks the weather was extremely cold, we didn’t pass 0º and it was snowing every day. However the other two weeks felt like spring, having even 20 degrees on Thursday.  

The short-terms are finally here, I must confess that I was really looking for it. It is odd to believe that this is the third group that we meet. As always they are very positive and energetic, maybe it is because there are 4 Spanish (just kidding). We are travelling again and among them I feel at ease. Personally, I’m starting to feel myself again, without so much worry, pressure and anxiety (which doesn’t mean that I haven’t had difficult days). 

Regarding the activities I hope that now that the weather is improving we can do more things outside. Actually, we already did one; we clean the forest!!!!! Well, it was a park but we did a good action though. I’m very happy about it since I organised and it. Our daily activities are back too, language café, chill out zone, food bank, etc. We also started planning March; it is going to be thrilling. Additionally now I have new tasks; I’m in charge of creating badges for Fundacja CAT and a survival guide about recycling.  

We also celebrated carnival and International Pizza day (I was in charge of the making of all the pizzas, IT WAS GREAT!)

In general, everything is improving and I hope it keeps this tendency.