Escrito por Gabriela Bazan, voluntaria europea en Cazalla Intercultural.

Hola! Hi! Cześć!

I am Gabriela, new EVS volunteer in Cazalla. I am from south Poland and now you can find me in M13 or on the city’s streets for whole year since February 2017. If you want to speak about movies, photography or culture at all, now you found perfect partner for conversation! (now in English but I promise, give me a couple of days more and We can speak about everything in Spanish – maybe except Heidegger’s philosophy, I don’t get it  even in Polish). I graduated in culture & film studies and photography as well. That’s why everybody’s saying that I have an artistic soul and big creative mind. (; But culture area is not the only interesting topic for me. I can (and I like) speak about everything because I simply enjoy interacting with other people, I hope you´ll understand me when I will be trying to speak in Spanish. (;

Why I decided to do EVS? Why in Spain? It’s obvious that I´ve come here to do my volunteer’s project because I wish to have a great adventure and improve myself but more I want to know better Spanish culture and language (I am secretly in love with everything what is Spanish so don’t be surprised when I’ll start asking about everything). I am lucky girl that I have possibility to live in charming Lorca. This city welcomed me warmly and from the first days here I can feel like at second home. People in whole world should be that kind like people that I met in Lorca. I am very grateful and I would like to do the best I can for people of Lorca.