November has been quite a month!! Honestly so many things have taken place that the month felt like a day!
Firstly me and Tiko finished our quarantine, which was great. During all the time Fundacja CAT took care of us as a family. Not a single complain about them.  I also finished all the online city games, the whole experience was very challenging, online activities always are. 
We celebrate Tolerance Week, I took part helping designing the poster and making a video related to the topic. Also I created a workshop but sadly I didn’t have participants. 
However I hosted a Vegan Cooking workshop which was a complete success, more applications than places available. They even asked to have a cooking workshop every week. I would love to!!
 Additionally the language cafe came back to the office, this is great news because is much better for both parties, me and the students. The bad news are that two of my groups have been canceled due to the lack of participants. I asked Fundacja CAT for using that time to teach english/spanish in the homeless shelter.
These last days we helped in the food bank preparing food packages. It was a unique experience, despite of no speak polish (I’m still learning), the welcomed us in a very warm way, the old ladies were super nice. Like my own grandma. At last, we started to prepare the Human Right Week in december. 
Finally, not to related to work though, with the  new short-terms, the relation is perfect. We even celebrated Thanksgiving (volunteers and coordinators). I felt, for the first time in a very long time, that I belonged there. If happiness exits is how I feel here. Also the winter is finally on us, what else could I ask for?