P-ACTION: Personal is political

Financia: Eramus+ Program of the european Union
Fechas del proyecto: 01/12/2020 -30/11/2023
Duración: 3 years
Lugar de celebración: Spain, Poland, Greece, Mexico, Uganda, Paraguay
Grupo destinatario: Young people withe less opportunities


P-Action ¨Personal is Political¨ is the Capacity Building project that aims on empowering young people, and equipping them with tools to stand up as leaders in their local communities, and especially to act as role models. With the project we will further define the model of P-Action, that comes from the slogan personal is political, and encourages people to undertake actions, since all our behaviours can have the political impact and can positively influence our society. We plan to work with young people to encourage them to be a role models, to stand up for the issues important for them, and then to share personal stories. The project is composed from the development of the training tools and the concept of P-Action, that will be done together with all the partners. We will implement the international training course for young leaders to empower them using the P-Action model, and those leaders later on will be implementing local actions on the local level. We have structured it in a way that youth will have quite a liberty in deciding upon the type of action, and what topics they are going to tackle. It will be the attempt to so called participatory budgets, where youth can decide what is important for them and do it. As well we will implement 21 voluntary mobility for 5 months each. The project will develop the booklet where the P-Action model will be described and where you will be able to find non formal education tools to use with young people following our model, as well as we will develop the open badges system, the digital way of motivation and recognition of achievements of young people, for their P-Actions. Finally we will encourage youth participating in the project to produce P-Videos where they are sharing their personal story. The project will last 24 months and will engage youth organizations from 6 different countries Spain, Greece, Poland, Paraguay, Mexico and Uganda.


Main objectives of P-Action project were:

  • To develop the tools that can support young people to become active in their local communities.
  • To empower young people with fewer opportunities and support their mobility and empowerment.
  • To enable young people to speak up and make the social invisibility visible.
  • Share best practices learned throughout the project on organizational, local and transnational levels.
Socios del proyecto
  • Coordinator of the project: Cazalla Intercultural (Spain)
  • Partners: AMVIAC (Mexico),
  • PUENTE SUR (Paraguay),
  • CAT (Poland),
  • ALTER EGO (Greece)

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