Escrito por Dearna Sulonjaku, voluntaria europea en Cazalla Intercultural.

Hello everybody! My name is Dearna and I am a new EVS volunteer at Cazalla Intercultural. I will be around here for the next 12 months and I cannot wait to meet you all!

I am 29 years old, I was born in Albania and moved to Italy with my family 16 years ago, in a little town called Frosinone, located about 100 km south of Rome. I hold on to my love for both my countries and my hybrid personality is a mix of their “contrasting” cultures.

I have a Master’s Degree in International Relations and I have worked as the Junior Project Manager of an Educational Program in a Rome-based NGO.

I arrived to Lorca less than two weeks ago but I already feel at home here. My host organization is the best that I could have ever had. My flatmates (the other volunteers of Cazalla) are already like a family to me, and the people of Lorca are amazingly great!

My first days here have been intense. I took part in several interesting activities, such as the classes with the children of San Cristóbal school, the language exchange at Supremme or the “taller de Inglés”.At the moment I am already developing my “taller de Italiano”, that will start Tuesday, Feb 28th. I hope some of you will come because we will seriously have fun there guys!

Besides the activities, I had the possibility to know the city (although my sense of orientation is not my best quality, therefore I still get lost sometimes J) and to meet many people here as well, even from outside my “volunteer environment”. I am actually falling in love with this place day by day. I do not believe much in love at first sight, but this time it just happened. I felt that spark “la chispa”! Like any hasty or hurried love, it may run out quickly, but I am pretty sure that during this year it can only increase.

 I think that this experience will be of great help for me to grow personally and professionally and to find my equilibrium. I want to put my whole self into this experience but I do not believe it will be enough to pay back for what I am already getting and will surely continue to receive in the future. Hence, I really want to say thanks to Cazalla and to all the wonderful people I met and will continue to meet here! Hasta pronto! J