Hola gente!

I am Lilia, from Armenia. Huuuhu sorry already from Lorca.:D

I am here to implement my European voluntary service (EVS) since April.  It’s a splendid opportunity to live in another culture, to talk completely different language and to be surrounded by the people of different national backgrounds. I am included in different activities such as trainings, exchanges, courses, exhibitions and events which are realized by our team. I will talk about my objectives and task in my next articles.

 Today mainly I am intended to present you my “Chipiron Familia”. I know what you think, probably you ask yourself hmmm “family” yes I know, but what is Chipiron.  Here I am gonna talk about a molecular construction of a baby squid which lives in a Mediterranean sea, so it has 10000000moleculs………noooooooooo. It was a joke.:D

Chipiron Family is my International family during the EVS which consist of  Eleni(a greek bubukaki ), Giovani(una salsa picante italiano) ,  Madalina ( una gitana rumana) and me(blank space , I don’t know how they call me when they gossip).

Lilke every normal family we also have an origin and history. The origin actually goes back to times of February 2015 when in one of the bars of Spain Bubukaki and Salsa Picante heard the Spanish song “Todo los dias sale Sol, Chipiron” over a cup of cerveza(beer), I would tell you the exact name of the beer If I knew the exact size of the cup, if it was Tercio, Quinto, Litro etc but nobody knows.

So they did the first experiment to call each other Chipiron in the same moment and realizing that it sounds good they adopted the name.

Months by months the family has grown bigger because I came in april and in june came Gitana Rumana.  We had and until now are having together wonderful moments of loving and  hating each other. Our life together was so comfortable like the life of chipiron in the Mediteranian sea  and so disasterous like the chipiron en el horno de cocinero espanol( in the oven of Spanish cook).

I LOVE my family, I have  learnt a lot here, I  lived good and bad moments, get used to the strong scent of greek food with canella(cynabon), impressive music of Balcans and Italian temperament(its not a stereotype at all), jejeje.

And the name of my family lives its evolution sometimes progressive sometimes rergressive in the form of CHIPI, Chipironaki, CHIPIRUNI, CHIPILINAKIA and so on…..

However, wherever I Love my family and my chipirones …

Lilia Harutunian