Escrito por Pisacha Sathitanant , voluntaria de Tailandia en Cazalla Intercultural

Every Tuesday morning, we have collaboration with the school of saint christobel. Every week we create different workshops for the kids at the ages of 5 years old. In many various topics such as global and maps, Semana santa, Making flower for mother day, and some activities related to important days.

The activities are mostly using paper and coloring pictures then cut and glue to turn the normal paper into 3D art. The coloring and drawing give them the opportunity to express their imagination and idea through art.  Before the day of workshop we will discuss about the main idea or topic that would be nice for them in order to understand and having fun at the same time.

One topic was about recycle day and the stuff we have around the house that able to be recycling. The activity we find interesting is the parachute   that made from plastic bag. Parachute is one of the activity we did which is very fun but in order to know how hard it is to made, we need to try it out first.  Start by using plastic bag, rope and clay which turn out not as hard as we thought it would be. After combine everything together then you can throw the parachute in the air and see them fly.

They are always active, answer with enthusiasm and always ready to do every activity we prepared for them. Mostly we start of by asking question relate to the topic which can help us get the idea of their understanding and also give them some example before get into the topic. After talking we will show the easy presentation for clearer picture of the topic then it will do the activity.

In this week we did the workshop about animal in savanna. Start by asking the questions so they could express their ideas after that we give an easy presentation about the savanna then let them choose the animal that they want to do.

From my experience as a non-Spanish speaker, it’s even harder to understand the children but in the other hands I try to communicate by using hands and the stuffs around. Of course sometime they understand and sometime (most of the time) they don’t. I was nervous the first time I standing in front of the class but when I saw the kids and they are so nice and the clear look in their eyes give me the ease feeling. After couple weeks, I’m more relax with them and try to say what I understand and hope they’ll understand me as well.